In the usual January reeling from all of December’s excesses, I have come to find comfort and solace in the near constant scrolling through the volumes of reviews that people have published on Google Maps relating to Dublin’s pubs. Common complaints tend to relate to food, service and toilet facilities, but amongst all these there lies a few gems. These are a few of the funnier of more interesting ones we found.

Is there anything worse than being out enjoying yourself, only for your evening to be ruined by that ignorant prick – Bruce Wayne?

Having never suffered with gout myself, I’m finding it hard to gauge the severity of this statement.

Am genuinely going to try this. Next Friday the 13th is in March.

*Goes to a pub called The Long Hall* . . .
*Complains about there being a long hall*

Disgusting!… But not at first!

Apparently the Belfast Agreement means that Gerry Adams is precluded from legislating for cheap pints.

This poor rugby fan has never had the concept of an early house explained to him it would seem..

A picture paints a thousand words.

Shoulda joined the madness.

A lot of energy in this one.


The Poor Cousin

After posting all of the above, someone sent us these ones over on Instagram.
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