Our Progress

Pintman №3 once said that drinking in all the pubs in Dublin is a bit like painting The Golden Gate Bridge – once you finish the job it’s time to go back to the beginning and start the task all over again. And while we can all agree that the landscape of pubs in the city is certainly ever-changing we did decide that it was worth our while trying to quantify our efforts and our progress in our quest to cover all the boozers between the canals.

So here you have it, the fruits of Dry January’s labors – a visualization of the numbers we’ve crunched so far. We do hasten to add that there certainly is a margin of error here so we may not have all the pubs we should, and we’ve certainly included bars that we need to get together and discuss with a mind to identifying if they actually are pubs in the truest sense of the word. But for better or for worse, here is our data which we believe to be the best indicator of how we are getting on.

Figures updated as of 10/01/2018