Pub Crawls

This is where we keep all of our curated pubcrawls.

We’d love for you to traverse the city in pints with these as your guide.

The James Joyce Pub Crawl

A great number of writers are synonymous with a great number of things for different reasons. And a great number of writers are synonymous with the city of Dublin. But when it comes to levels of synonymy with this city of ours, there’s little…

Anthony Bourdain Pub Crawl

“If you’ve got any kind of a heart, a soul, an appreciation for your fellow man or any kind of appreciation for the written word or simply a love of a perfectly poured beverage then there’s no way you can avoid loving this city.” So were the words of celebrity chef, author and globetrotter Anthony Bourdain when he came to describe our own city on one of his many TV shows – The Layover.