Lowry’s: Summerhill Parade.

Sitting in close proximity to one of our boundary lines – The Royal Canal, Lowry’s is a pub firmly in the centre of the inner city of Dublin. Given the pub’s proximity to Croke Park, it may be one that thirsty GAA fans will recognise easily – older regulars will remember it by its former name – Belton’s, it having been part of a chain of pubs attributed to former Lord Mayor of Dublin: Paddy Belton.

Lowry’s: Summerhill Parade.

We haven’t really a whole lot to say about Lowry’s really. Pintman Nº2 and I visited last year on the occasion of a matchday and found little incentive to hang around for too long. A sparsely decorated pub, we found the overall look to be a clinical one aided in no part by the light colour scheme and the textured, shiny wallpaper which all served to alienate the overall aesthetic from that expected of your run-of-the-mill Dublin boozer. TVs were ubiquitous around the space allowing ticketless fans to catch any of the action going on down the road that they would otherwise be missing.

Our misgivings about the fit-out aside, there wasn’t too bad of a buzz around the place in the preceding hours to the impending fixture in Croke Park. The staff were all more than capable when it came to dispensing pints to the thirsty hoards and consistently did so at a rate in keeping with the demand.

A pint of Guinness is returned to me on this particular occasion in a Budweiser glass sparking that age-old debate on whether such an importance should be put on the vessel within which a pint is served, and whether it’s allowable to diminish said importance in the setting of a busy bar.

Lowry's 2

The pint, which is following a few of its friends before it, is drank without too much difficulty in the end.

Overall we couldn’t lie and say that we left here with any sort of urgency to return, especially not when such a gem like The Bridge Tavern is only up the road, but if you’re looking for a few on the way up to Croker there’s no reason why you shouldn’t drop in.

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  1. laura williams
    laura williams says:

    Hope you don’t mind me saying but that is Summerhill Parade in Dublin 1 and Not Ballybough in Dublin 3 which is over the bridge! Thanks

    • Dublin By Pub
      Dublin By Pub says:

      Not in the slightest, Laura.

      I actually agonised over where the dividing line between the two is when I was writing this, or whether one encompassed the other. Suppose, that’s what ya get when lads from the suburbs try and write about proper Dublin, haha. Will amend that opening line.

      Cheers for the correction 🙂

      • Tracy
        Tracy says:

        That’s my pub you’re commenting on! We all know who wrote said article at the table in The bridge Tavern!! You may have got served in a Budweiser glass, we endeavour to serve in glass, irrelevant of brand as opposed to plastic which the Bridge served-because i watched you drink from one!! Now don’t even try to get compare apples with oranges, we’re in business 40yrs and will be for a further 40yrs. Good day to you sir.

    • marie cullen
      marie cullen says:

      That is not the Sunset House which is on the corners of Portland Row and Summerhill Parade. You entered the Sunset on the Summerhill Parade side not Portland Row. This is Lowry’s pub, Laura. i lived/grew up on Portland Row.My pal lived in the house next to the Sunset and that’s not it. I hv a real old pic of it from “old pubs of Dublin” cant upload it but if you google it you will see this pic is not the Sunset. Actually it is Lowry’s but the location looks like th corner of Dorset St and the lane down toPortland Street Off Nth Circular road Can’t remember the name was it The Red Parrot……


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